A Dream Translated with Paint!

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This is an excerpt from a recent painting which I call “The Orchidess,” inspired by a vision within a dream which I had:

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Pie in the Skye

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Pie in the Skye by Lynn Alison Trombetta is a fantastic journey through the landscape of your imagination into the knowing of your heart!

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Fall is Coming Soon!

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This week I shared a breathing meditation to enjoy somewhere lovely as the light turns golden! Visit my blog at CallofSedona.com

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An Interview with Allen Ames, Violinist Extraoidinaire

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Violinist Allen Ames and I go way back! He has been part of the Meadowlark ensemble with my husband, guitarist Rick Cyge and me since the very beginning. I recently had a delightful interview with him for my blog at CallofSedona.com! Allen happily shared the story of his own simple call to Sedona, which has profoundly influenced his career. Read the article. There’s still a bit of time left to hear Allen’s duo, Lyra (with his wife, guitarist MaryAnne Kremer-Ames) at the Briar Patch before the season ends. If you would like to hear some of Allen’s work with Meadowlark,...

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Intriguing Bronze Sculptor: John M. Soderberg

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I recently had the wonderful opportunity to interview John Soderberg about his work and his life’s calling, which are artfully intertwined and made visible in magnificent bronze sculptures. Don’t miss this!  The interview can be found on my weekly blog at CallofSedona.com. Here’s a direct link to the...

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The Prolific Poet: Elizabeth Martina Bishop

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I was fortunate to meet this unassuming woman in the new Sedona Healing Arts Center (formerly Sedona Story) earlier this month. The more we spoke, the more I realized this woman has plenty to say, and she’s been sharing her thoughts in dozens of self-published books over the years. If you’ve ever longed for the sage tidbits of life’s wisdom you might have received from an elderly friend or your grandmother, you might do well to peruse her many titles. In the meantime, get to know Elizabeth Martina Bishop in the interview in my blog at CallofSedona.com. –...

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