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The New Self-Help Book is Now Available!

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DISCOVER YOUR GREATNESS! In a work beautifully inspired by the subtle lessons found while observing nature, Lynn Alison Trombetta shares her thoughts on our power to change our daily reality through conscious choice.

“Surrounded by the nearly unimaginable natural beauty of Oak Creek in Sedona, Arizona, I could clearly see the place where our “Oneness” dwells. I learned that within the connection we share lies the power to experience the very best in thoughts, words and actions that potentially affect other lives, our planet, and ourselves. Choosing Greatness to Change Your Life is an exploration of recognizing each pivotal moment when we have the opportunity to create change through a choice, no matter how small.”     – Lynn Alison Trombetta

Order from the Author Here.

Order from Amazon Here.

New Children’s Book Update

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How exciting! I just picked up my artwork scans for the new book! Stay tuned! – Lynn

Coming Soon: New Children’s Book for Ages 8 and Up!

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How exciting! I’m almost finished with the illustrations for my new Children’s book and I can hardly wait to bring it all together. I am hoping to publish sometime this summer.

This is a sneak preview of one of the illustrations.  Sign up for email notifications if you would like to know more.

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Independence Day Give-Away

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Wounded Birds by Lynn Alison Trombetta

Wounded Birds by Lynn Alison Trombetta is a light-hearted fantasy novella.

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My new novella, Wounded Birds is all about the many ways that women survive what life throws at them. What better way to celebrate our individual successes, achievements of personal freedom and independence than with a drawing for a FREE copy?

Can’t wait until 7/4 to read the book? Enter anyway, because if you already own the book at the time of the drawing, you can choose any Meadowlark CD instead! Subscribe now – the list is small and your chances are good!


New Kindle Version of “Wounded Birds” Now Available!

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Read “Wounded Birds” on any device with a free Kindle app from Amazon!

How exciting! The new Kindle Version of Wounded Birds is now available for an easy $2.99 at Amazon!

Please write an Amazon review if you read the book… and I’d love to hear from you!!!

New Novella, “Wounded Birds” Now Available at Amazon!

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My new novella, Wounded Birds is now available at Amazon! This one wouldn’t let me sleep until it’s pages were realized fully in my life. Amazon has a “Look Inside” feature, so you can get a taste of the fun to come.  I hope you love it! – Lynn

A Dream Translated with Paint!

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This is an excerpt from a recent painting which I call “The Orchidess,” inspired by a vision within a dream which I had:

Very Cool Sculpture Demo & Workshop at Manheim Gallery

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mermaid-sculpture-water-based-clay-102916Many thanks to Laura Cole of Studio Z and Robert Michael Creature Design Studio for the hands-on clay workshop at The Manheim Gallery & ARC Contemporary Fine Art in Cottonwood today! I had a relaxing time sculpting this mermaid. Can’t wait to see what happens in the kiln!

See My Blog at for a Weekly Taste of Sedona

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Photo by Lynn Trombetta, ©2013

Photo by Lynn Trombetta, ©2013

One of my favorite ongoing projects is my weekly presence on Call of This website is dedicated to the spirit of Ilchi Lee’s book by the same name. In case you have not heard of him, Ilchi Lee is a meditation expert and founder of Dahn Yoga*.

Each month. I explore a new Sedona area “Trail of the Month”and give hiking tips and directions to the site. Twice monthly I offer a beautiful quote about nature and my thoughts in “Natures Inspiration.” I also interview what I call “area creatives” about their own personal stories of how they came to be living in Sedona in “My Call of Sedona.”

You’ll get a good feel for the beauty of Sedona from the blogs, and for Ilchi Lee’s loving, spiritual take on this land, read his book!



*You can learn more about the practice at You can join classes at Sedona Meditation Center.

Palatki Indian Ruins Spoke to Me

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What an amazing place to visit! The Palatki Indian Ruins, just northwest a bit from Sedona called me there and then spoke to me in ways that will call me back again and again I am sure!   The only thing slowing me down is several miles of unpaved, somewhat bumpy road that weren’t a good match for our Kia. Don’t worry, I won’t let that stop me.

PilatkiPictographs small webI didn’t share the shots of the amazing pictographs that I took while I was there, but you can get a glimpse at the photo I took of the ruins by visiting my article on the Call of Sedona website, here.  While you’re there, check out the other features I write. Next month, watch for an interview article I did with photographer Susie Reed who also heard the ancient call of this magnificent ruin.