DISCOVER YOUR GREATNESS! In a work beautifully inspired by the subtle lessons found while observing nature, Lynn Alison Trombetta shares her thoughts on our power to change our daily reality through conscious choice.

Everything in life improves when your choices improve.

Wrong choices cost time, energy and money and distance us from the Oneness we share with our fellow humans, other Earth inhabitants and from the planet itself.

If you are looking for ways to change the quality of your life, begin gently with the story of how Nature shows us that the little stuff matters most and teaches how the small seed of a single choice can grow with the power to change your life – over and over again.

Inside this positive self-help book you will:

  • Discover ideas to change your perspective, make you think, and change your results
  • Learn how to make better choices
  • Discover how to realize your greatest potential through choice
  • Receive Tools for Change including easy meditations
  • Experience the healing power of Nature
  • Understand how  your personal choices can help society and the planet 

“Surrounded by the nearly unimaginable natural beauty of Oak Creek in Sedona, Arizona, I could clearly see the place where our “Oneness” dwells. I learned that within the connection we share lies the power to experience the very best in thoughts, words and actions that potentially affect other lives, our planet, and ourselves. Choosing Greatness to Change Your Life is an exploration of recognizing each pivotal moment when we have the opportunity to create change through a choice, no matter how small.”     – Lynn Alison Trombetta

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Kindle edition also available!

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