516W8FX6J8L._SX303_BO1,204,203,200_Pie in the Skye by Lynn Alison Trombetta (2003 Larksong Productions)

…a fantastic journey through the landscape of your imagination into the knowing of your heart!

The narrator of this extraordinary tale is a woman longing for simpler times. She is reminded of the wonder of childhood by her young grandson and finds herself magically transported back in time to the landscape of her own childhood with him, only to discover that things are more confusing than her nostalgia had allowed her to remember. When the pair meet a salamander who speaks to them – “not with a voice you can hear with your ears,” events take a turn for the mystical.

Adult fiction for the child in each of us, this spiritual adventure extends backward and forward over the narrator’s lifetime on earth to a future there is still time to save. Like all great teachers, the salamander gently guides the pair on a journey filled with childhood experiences and simple lessons of the heart along the way, until the final illumination comes from within.

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Book Cover Art; Looking Good by Lynn Alison Trombetta. To order a Giclee of this artwork, please use the Contact form.